Montanans over 18        

*NEW* Starting July 1, 2020, the Quit Line is offering online CHATTING with a real-time coach through the website, or chat here.
All participants over 18 who engage in coaching either by online CHAT or PHONE are eligible for:
  • FREE nicotine replacement therapy (patch, gum, lozenge)
  • FREE or reduced cost prescription cessation medication
  • FREE coaching sessions

*NEW* Young Adult Program (18-24)       

The Young Adult Program has ALL the benefits of the general quit line PLUS
  • Text “start my quit” to 36072 and begin receiving texts
  • Any time you want to talk with a real-time coach, just text “coach”

Under 18 - MY LIFE, MY QUIT    

My Life, My Quit offers free coaching sessions either by text, chat, or phone to help youth quit all forms of tobacco, including vaping. My Life, My Quit offers:
  • Dedicated toll-free number 1-855-891-9989
  • Online enrollment through
  • Respects privacy through confidential enrollment and coaching. No one will know someone enrolls unless they want them to know.
To start your quit or learn more visit to learn more.

Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program

Pregnant and looking to quit tobacco for your health and the health of your baby? The Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program can help.
  • 9 FREE coaching calls with a personal female coach
  • FREE NRT during pregnancy and additional weeks postpartum (with approval from your doctor)
  • CASH INCENTIVES- $20 for completed coaching calls while pregnant (up to 5 calls), $30 for completed coaching calls post-partum (up to 4 calls)

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line

The American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line offers support, sensitivity and understanding. The American Indian coaches speak to the culture and help tribal members quit commercial tobacco while still honoring their traditional tobacco ways. To learn more visit